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Schwerpunkte meiner wissenschaftlichen Arbeit in den Jahren 2005 bis 2012 bildeten Themen der Internetökonomie. Im Rahmen meiner Dissertation habe ich die Kompetenz von IT-Experten in diesem Umfeld erforscht.


Häsel, Matthias (2011): OpenSocial: An Enabler for Social Applications on the Web. In: Communications of the ACM 54(1), S. 139-144.


Building on the OpenSocial API suite, developers can create applications that are interoperable within the context of different social networks.

SOCIAL NETWORKING and open interfaces can be seen as representative of two characteristic trends to have emerged in the Web 2.0 era, both of which have evolved in recent years largely independently of each other. A significant portion of our social interaction now takes place on social networks, and URL addressable APIs have become an integral part of the Web. The arrival of OpenSocial now heralds a new standard uniting these two trends by defining a set of programming interfaces for developing social applications that are interoperable on different social network sites.


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